For your interest in flowering porcelain that led you to this web site I want to thank you sincerely. My little craftwork firm was established more than 20 years ago. During this years it was participating in exhibitions and fairs in Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt on the Main, Graz, Hamburg, Hongkong, Leipzig, Munich, Nuremberg and Salzburg. A permanent exhibition with painting course existed almost 10 years at the Algarve in Portugal. Therefore the relation to tile painting.

Myself was learning the trade from scratch: at first as flower paintress at the manufactories Meissen and Dresden-Freital which is reflecting in most of my craftmanship this very day. Later I brought my pictorial hand in several genres to perfection at other firms of this branch. Been a foreman for a long time I completed my degree as a master craftsman in 1994.

In 1708 Johann Friedrich Böttger composed his famous memorandum for the Saxon elector August the Strong that he devised "the good white porcelain together with choicest glaze and all associated painting". The statue of August named "Golden Horseman" ranks among the characteristics of  Dresden these days. Just as well as my exclusively hand painted porcelain which has the silhouette of the Golden Horseman as sign on it and is visible in vending exhibitions in famous hotels of Dresden.